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EL OSO`S prices are starting from 900 $ for original paintings ,

EL OSO the painter, paintings and much more, painting in oil, acrylic, and mixture techniques. DECAY, ABSTRACT, CONTEMPORARY, COLORED, Interesting modern paintings at prices corresponding to real market conditions buy in spain. Ask to the work with price! Colored mediterran! Paintings - Sculptures - Design for office, business-rooms, hotel…. Or for the private use!

Representative searched. Commercial agent / representative / agencies / sale


El OSO - The sculptor - decay, contemporarily, abstractly, original, figurativ, nonfigurativ, colored, in Spain and internationally working. Buy directly their works at the favourable price! For your office, the lobby of your business-rooms, hotel…. or for the private use.

Representative searched. Commercial agent/representative/agencies/sale


El OSO – The stylist - decays, contemporarily, originally, colored, furniture, fronts, PVC window section for Bruegmann, Salamander industrial design. ,Living in Spain and working internationally. Spatial arrangement for your private house, or your business-rooms.

Representative searched! Commercial agent/representative/agencies/sale


EL OSO - Painting courses in holiday, intensive courses from 2009 with artistic marketing  ( EL OSO workshops 2010 all accupied ) – on a Finca in Spain - sea - mountains – mainland NATURE PURE!!!


EL OSO - The painter, paintings and much more DECAY, ABSTRACT, CONTEMPORARY, COLORED.
Interesting there is instruction only in small's groups upto max. 5 persons. Look for „Painting courses in holiday““ Dates and prices on your request!
Interesting, modern painting at prices corresponding to real market conditions buy in spain.Ask to the work with price!
Painting - sculptures and Design! Look for it paintings for office, business, hotel, yacht…. or mansion! For the course in your holidays we arrange also the correct vacation home for you in: Ampost, Apolla, Sant Carlo de la Rápita, Vinaros, Benicarlo, Peniscola, Torre Blanca, Oropesa or you can rent a holiday house close by: Ampost, Apolla, Sant Carlo de la Rápita, Vinaros, Benicarlo, Peniscola, Torre Blanca, Oropesa.

EL OSO painter, sculptors, designer internationally presents itself here as: Painter Internet Galerie, P.E.D. Art Studios

EL OSO iinternational

Kind studios decay, abstractly, colored, up-to-date, well-known, contemporarily, sculptures, paintings - originals, pictures, painting, collages, poster, pressures, fronts, modern, abstract art pictures, acrylic mixture techniques - oil etc.
Exhibitions in Spain and internationally

Figurativ / nonfigurativ, painters - sculptor - designer looks for agencies, representative - galleries for: Germany - France - Italy - Holland - Belgium - Sweden:




Instalación EL OSO 2008


Wer are the moral and conscience of the speculators!?





Collage 1.1.1999

"Euro and futer"











"EL OSO en concierto" 2011


"Surfer haben immer Vorfahrt" 2011


"Hunde im Geisterwald" 2010

"Heuschrecke unter Lämmern" 2011 









"Ohrwurm "2011