Its own positions deny, position take, of color admit, to express do not away-look and internally do not excite themselves over which one do not fit, or we should perhaps nevertheless already have fear our opinion?


Who whisper, one does not hear!
El Oso 04/2009 -



Heads change, but the asses remain the same!
El Oso 12/2008 -



Authority is rarely the attribute of a politician, but a chat can it very well!
El Oso 07/2009-



In the crisis remains for all enough. The speculator far their quick life! The banks billions at tax funds! The sitizen their debts! The politicians their posts! The idiot the hop!
El Oso 06/2009-



What offense, to call an animal a pig!
El Oso 07/2009 -



To select a election is as shoppen to go! They only pay here with their confidence. But they get the receipt later!
El Oso 09/2009 -



Each day become extinct innumerable, wonderful kinds on earth. Only the "politician" seems to consider eternally!
El Oso 07/2009 -



„The bank delivery “are Peanuts for the people, so that when nibbling does not hear, how with the banks the cashes ring!
El Oso 03/2010 -



Art shows what you have !? Maybe, but probably more, what you are!!
El Oso 2000 -



Pictures are thoughts of the hand!
El Oso 04/2010


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